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Payday loans (CashInn) and now what?

Ugh, after looking over the forum as sugg I’m filled with a dismay. The night I posted up, I met my sponsor, a dentist/doctor guy, in his late 40s at his house.

I told him that I may have questions and asked that there are people, like yourselves, that don’t believe it works. He asked me what I thought, and I didn’t know, but would be open.

We attempted to sign up for BDS, but it failed with an error, and I ask myself what the heck ?!?! this is supposed to be a top notch system ? Plus, its written in cold fusion markup. I’m a web programmer, so I know this by heart. Cold fusion is a dead language, and Microsoft is not far behind with its crappy .NET architecture. anyway, enough about the site…

He explained “ditto delivery”, signing up with BDS and with MCI, which would get me my first PV/BV points.

I looked at his library and he had an array of books, some I have read and others I have not, but it was nice to see someone reading the same stuff I was. This is why I listened to him in the first place.

I really don’t feel comfortable giving my friends the “yea yea, we’ll be rich!” talk and then lose my friendship over it.

My sponsor seems honest enough, but I’m not sure. I would like to order the products and give it a go, BEFORE I start bringing people in. He says he has a couple of people already and he’s halfway through, before making whatever freakin jewel they say of 100k/year. I wonder why he’s spending so much time with me since I’m just one of many of his 1st legs? why not work the people under him with those people? I mean he would have to work with me with 10 people right? That’s a lot of work…
Let It Go: Perkins Loans Should Expire
Or should I continue my web info biz, attempting to get an online info store going, although I’ve spent a considerable sum here too, although there is no payday loan with this I don’t think I have to dupe any of my friends and “bring them in”.


Looking for IMHOs….

Hopies Pitshard

Question for all: Do you think “shills” can be unknowing?

For example, a guy just joined an cash lender, recruited only a few people, then suddenly his income skyrockets in a few months, and he attributes it to the system, when in fact the executives just gave him checks anyhow to make him the “leading example”, and so he goes around and does seminars on how he got rich, leading people into the lender trap without knowing it. Is that possible?

I think there can be shills

who are in denial of knowing, which isn’t quite the same thing. They can be told, on the qt, “hey, we KNOW you’re doing great, and we want to make you a STAR so you can inspire others–and in the process people will gravitate to YOU, so how about we tell people you’re doing a little better than you are YET, cause we BOTh know you WILL be soon, right? Oh, and hey, let’s get you a new suit to show your success, or can we help with a car?
See what I mean? I don’t think that anyone can be a blameless shill who doesn’t really KNOW how much actual product he and his org. are moving—after all, the checks and statements are there. And frankly, no marketing would just pick people at random to do this with–they’d need compliant “team player” types who’d go along. SO are they unknowing? I doubt it, though others here may disagree. But are they are prefering “not to know” and in denial of their complicity in the fraud, just believing or convincing themselves that they believe, that its how the game is played by the “pros” who are their “mentors”? That’s more likely to me….and maybe no less forgivable in the long run when you assess the damage it does to the people conned by it.